Our history

Seok and Yang fell in love in no time. They both shared the dream of know the outside world despite the stories they have heard. Together They devised a plan and, first of all, they were able to escape to South Korea. There they found themselves face to face with a new world ruled by modernity and the diversity of cultures. Only time will make it better for them to adapt.
They both discovered crypto assets and designed a system so that the entire world could participate.
To this day they have linked millions of people. They created a community based on what they always wanted ... to share a dream.

It is a business model that works through a web portal that generates production through the purchase and sale of crypto assets. You too can enter a world full of opportunities, technology and growth.

Our community is made up of an extensive family of Latin Americans who participate in the projects of the crypto world.

They are projected in the short, medium and long term as leaders and team builders that develop around affiliate marketing and the digital network of crypto assets and crypto currencies.

Futurs is an agglutinator of wills and an enhancer of individual capacities that makes personal achievement and success using the principles of the collaborative economy and in an environment of solidarity, equity, social inclusion, social justice and care for individuality and the environment.

We generate communities that share principles, roots, objectives and methodologies to fulfill their dreams and can be replicated in diverse social environments.
Therefore, we started our beautiful activity in the Republic of Ecuador and we strive to provide this community with a replicable and scalable model so that it can be expanded to all of Latin America and globally.
We are proud of our initial achievements and we are absolutely confident that we have obtained the necessary skills and abilities to advance in the conquest of new territories.
Our goals are very ambitious in the medium term and we believe it is totally feasible to become a global community of one hundred thousand associates in one year and one million in 4 years.

Validation and registration processes of cryptocurrency transactions through the execution of algorithms.
The miners are the ones who confirm and write the transactions within the blockchain. Every time a transaction is made, a small commission is charged to be able to pay the miners.

t is one of the safest, simplest and most profitable mechanisms that exists today to increase assets.

You decide how to participate.



They are global.
They are safe.
They are characterized by their immediacy.
Transparent operation (public transactions).
They protect the identity of the user.
Secure and irreversible transactions.
Facilitate international transactions.
Take care of the environment.

Strategic plan

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Your best benefit

Low Commission

Very small commissions for the payment of the miners.

High Incomes

Increase your income considerably.

Verified transactions

Transactions are verified on the Blockchain, this technology is a decentralized record or book system that provides a level of transparency and immutability.




Satisfied customers


+ $ 1 millon

Awesome features

Crypto-asset-based economy.

  • They are global
  • They're safe
  • They take care of the environment

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